Meat Tenderizer Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixer – Meat Tenderizer Machine Suitable for Use with All KitchenAid Household Stand Mixers


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1 * Meat Tenderizer
1 * Product Manual
1* Cleaning Brush
1 * Wrench
4 * Replace Gears

Product Details
Tenderizer attachment fit for all models and size of KitchenAid household stand mixers. This electric meat tenderizer makes your great meal prep and cooking even better! For the chef who enjoys cooking, but doesn’t like menial tasks involved in meal prep, this attachment is going to be superstar of the family.


1. Suitable for use with all model & size of Kitchenaid household stand mixers.
2. Using this meat tenderizing item on tough cuts of meat to give them a softer, more succulent texture. Suitable for all kinds of meat such as pork, beef, venison, lamb and mutton that are ½ inch or less in thickness.
3. Thoroughly drive all your favorite spices and marinades deep into every cut of meat for a scrumptious meal every time!

How to use the tenderizer attachment?:
1. Before using this meat tenderizer for the first time, wash all its parts with warm, soapy water.
2. Clean and prepare meat (should to be defrosted at least 80% before it can be used with the tenderizer, NOT for use on bone).
3. Turn the stand mixer to speed 1 or 2. Put the meat into the tenderizer and let it go once the meat is firmly gripped by the device. Be careful to keep your fingers away a safe distance away from the blades.
4. When finished, turn off the machine and remove the meat tenderizer. Dishwasher safe or washing by hand with soap warm water cleaning brush.
5. Make sure tenderizer attachment is completely dry before storing it to prolong the life of the tenderizer.

Our Satisfaction Promise:
If you have any questions about this meat tenderizer attachment, we will provide you service and support and come with one year hassle-free replacement.
Meat Tenderizer: Premium quality meat tendering attachment you can use to tenderize boneless meats such as beef, pork, lamb and venison.( DOES NOT WORK on CHICKEN and FISH breasts. )
Why Use a tenderizer?: Every home chef needs a tenderizer to achieve a softer, more delicious entrée. When you use this meat tenderizer machine you meats better absorb marinades and rubs while also making each bite of your meal softer and more flavorful.
Meal Improvement and Time-Saver: The tenderizer attachment for KitchenAid stand mixers is a genuine time saver and meal prep aid. Using the attachment allows you to achieve a better and more even tenderizing of any cut of meat while only taking less than 5 seconds! Home chefs can now marinade and flavorize their meats before cooking in way that will amaze and astound the whole family.
Easy to Set up and Use: Open the stand mixer with one click(turn the stand mixer to speed 1 or 2), put the meat in the feed inlet, then you can get the tenderized meat, without pounding.
Compatibility with All KitchenAid Stand Mixers: This meat tenderizer tool is quick & easy to setup and use. Simply attach it to the front port of the stand mixer and it can be used immediately. Accepts cuts of meat up to ½ inch in thickness. Aluminum alloy structure, designed for long-lasting use.

Meat Tenderizer Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixer – Meat Tenderizer Machine Suitable for Use with All KitchenAid Household Stand Mixers
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